Tranquil Bistro Lounge

Tranquil Bistro Lounge

Bistro Lounge is a part of La Casa hotel, with a combination of traditional grandeur and modern facilities, given an antique theme as a star feature. One of the finest sections would offer you a complete relaxation and smiled confidentiality. An area where one can relax, have a cup of tea, coffee, drinks or some snacks with their family or best ones is a key factor to hold on. Your eyes would hold on look at our unique collectables and high valued antique pieces like books, paintings, copper and bronze artefacts, old age styled furniture, and some great ancient vintage arts

A perfect place for corporate or business meetings and informal meetings in the heart of the city with all the facilities one could look for.


We keep our customers satisfied with our room services mentioned below:-

  • AC Hall with Modern amenities
  • Formal and Informal Seating sections
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Formal Seating for meetings and conferences
  • Television & Internet Access available.
  • Open Kitchen

  • Leisure Facilities: Fitness Centre & Lounge

    The lounge section is divided into two sections; one for business meetings with a formal seating and other for family and friends which has informal Indian seating.

    Ambience, redefined hotel at affordable luxury...
  • A) Informal seating:

    A charming, cozy section for couples to spend good time with good food. It is an open-terrace area with a casual seating nature acquainted space where one can relax.

    Note: Smoking area available, open terrace, open kitchen with 3 Informal Indian Seating designs.
  • B) Formal Seating:

    A formally designed boutique space to execute meetings and corporate group discussions.